Requirements Checklist

Ensure you meet all the requirements to enrol in Co-op/Internship.


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Co-op/Internship requirements waived or altered.


Information Session

Computer Science/Security & Digital Media Information Session.


Information Session

Engineering & EATS Information Session.

Job Information Form

Located in your account to inform your co-op coordinator of your new position.

Co-op Work Permit (International Students)

Each work term, you will be sent specific guidelines and dates regarding the submission of key documents and reports, including the Learning Agreement and Work Term Report. Your supervisor will be contacted to submit a formal evaluation at the end of each 4-month work term. Submission of these documents and reports are an essential part of receiving a Pass grade in the zero credit co-op/ internship work term course, EECS 3900/EECS3980/DATT 3929/COOP 2109/COOP 3109.

Learning Objectives Form

Due on the fifth week of your first term with an employer, this learning agreement outlines your learning objectives for your work term.

Click to download Learning Objectives Form

Lassonde Co-op & Internship Program Performance Evaluation Process

This document outlines the program’s performance evaluation process, highlighting the areas in which your supervisor plays an essential role.

Click to download the Lassonde Co-op Performance Evaluation Process

Work Term Report

Due two weeks prior to the end of each work-term.

Click to download WorkTermReport Guide

Mid-term Echeck-in Form – Supervisor

For students on their first co-op/internship terms only.

This is due half-way through your first work term.

Click to download the fillable MidTerm-Echeck-in-form

Supervisor Evaluation Form

To be completed by your supervisor two weeks prior to the end of each work-term.

Click to download the Supervisor Evaluation Form

Work Term Course Requirements and Deadlines – FALL 2020

Outlines the work term course requirements and corresponding deadlines to be completed.

Click to download Work Term Course Requirements Deadlines FA20

Continuation of Interest-Free Status

You may be eligible to enter interest-free status if you are on OSAP and your work-term is 8 months or longer.

Travel Visas

For students going on international co-op/internships. (includes insurance services)

Co-op Student of the Year Award

Usually due at the end of March every year.

Notary on Campus

Students have access to a free notary & legal advising on campus through YFS. Email

Making Payments

Payments are done through your York student account.

Photo & Video Consent Form

Often required during site visits.