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Prospective Students

General questions about the Co-op/Internship Program

What is the difference between co-op and internship?

Co-op is available after your second year and consists of 2 work-terms separated by at least one study term. Co-op is available for students in the following programs:

Civil Engineering ‧ Computer Engineering ‧ Electrical Engineering ‧ Geomatics Engineering ‧ Mechanical Engineering ‧ Software Engineering ‧ Space Engineering ‧ Earth & Atmospheric Science ‧ Computer Science ‧ Computer Security

Visit here for eligibility requirements.

Internships are available after your third year and consist of one work period. Internships are available for students in the following programs:

Computer Science ‧ Computer Security ‧ Digital Media

*Provided you meet all other requirements, you can use your co-op or internship experience hours toward P.Eng and other designations. Upon completion of the co-op program you will receive a co-op designation.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of work terms I can do?

Co-op students are required to complete 2 blocks of work (separated by at least one full-time academic semester) for a minimum combined total of 12 months to earn the co-op designation. The maximum total number of months over both periods is 20 months.

The first block is called the first co-op work period, typically takes place the summer after completing your second year of studies. The second block, is called the second co-op work period, and  takes place after you return for at least one academic semester, typically after 3rd-year of your studies.

Will participating in the Co-op/Internship delay my graduation?

Participating in the co-op/internship program will extend your graduation. Applied experience outside the classroom is heavily emphasized for engineering and computer science students. Many employers will require new graduates have previous co-op or internship experience as one of their entry-level requirements. Upon graduation, you can expect to compete for recent grad opportunities with graduates who have completed an average of 12 months co-op/internship.

Engineering students wishing to apply for professional engineering license are eligible to receive credit of up to 12 months for engineering experience acquired before graduation toward the required 48 months of work experience for licensing. See for more details.

If I find my own position, do I still have to pay the Lassonde Co-op/Internship fees?

In order to graduate from York University with a Co-op Designation, you must be enrolled in our co-op program. Co-op fees are like membership dues and give you access to numerous services. These fees are mandatory regardless of how you go about finding a position. See here for more details on finding and securing positions.

What is a Workplace Learning Coordinator?

The Lassonde Co-op/Internships team has 3 coordinators who play a big role in ensuring your Co-op experience runs as smoothly as possible. They act as a liaison between you and your employer, meet with you one-on-one to guide you through the entire process, conduct regular site visits, and develop new co-op opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Applying for admission in Co-op/Internship Program for Summer 2021

I am in Computer Science/Computer Security, can I apply for co-op AND internship?

The co-op option is available to students completing 2000-level courses. The internship is for students who are completing 3000-level courses. Self-assess your eligibility and CHOOSE ONE program to apply for. Please note, once you are accepted into one program, you are not able to switch to another.

If I am accepted into a co-op, but change my mind for an internship, can I switch?

Sometimes students are in a great position to be eligible for both programs. This is an important decision, and we recommend you do your research and take the time to decide which option is best for you. At this time, our policy is that once you are accepted into one program, we do not allow students to switch to another program. 

I was recently declined to participate in the Co-op/ Internship Program, but I know I meet the requirements; I have questions; can I find out why?

I was accepted into the program. When will I have to pay the $200 registration fee?

The $200.00 registration fee will be posted to your student account in January, after you accept your offer of admission.

How do I apply for the Co-op/Internship Program?

  • The application window for Summer 2021 will open on November 23-Dec 7, 2020.  
  • If you meet the academic requirements, and have completed the 3 required sessions: 
    1. Log-into your account at during the application window 
    2. Click on “Co-op & Internship” on the navigation pane
    3. Select the degree program for which you are applying (e.g. Computer Engineering Summer 2021). 
    4. This option will be available only during the Registration Period (e.g. for Summer 2021, it will be from November 23 – December 7, 2020.) 

*Please note that applications by students who did not complete all 3 mandatory sessions will not be assessed. * 

I am an international student; do I really need a Co-op Work Permit Letter/ I heard I need a Co-op Work Permit Letter. How do I get one?

  • International students MUST have a valid co-op work permit before starting their co-op/internship. 
  • Once accepted into the program, international students will be provided a supporting letter to use to apply for the Co-op Work Permit. If you have accepted the terms and conditions for entry into the program, and you have not received a letter, please send an email to ASAP. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder prior to contacting us. 

I have transfer credits and don’t know if I meet the credit limit, what can I do?

Please complete the Update my DPR request form to help determine Co-op or Internship eligibility.  An Academic Advisor will review your file and update your DPR accordingly.  Submit your DPR request as soon a possible, prior to the Lassonde Co-op application deadline of December 7, 2020.

I don’t meet all the academic eligibility requirements; can I still submit an application?

No, incomplete applications will not be processed and you will receive an automated ‘decline’ email from the Lassonde Co-op portal.

I don’t meet the requirements to apply for Summer 2021 Co-op, when is my next window to apply?

Co-op registration will re-open in April 2021 for positions starting in Fall 2021.  Check the Lassonde Co-op website for Fall 2021 registration timelines.

Can I apply even though I did not complete one or more of the required sessions?

No, incomplete applications will not be processed and you will receive an automated ‘decline’ email from the Lassonde Co-op portal.

I missed an information session, what do I do?

Lassonde Co-op will offer a final opportunity to complete an information session on Friday, December 4, 2020.  Login to the Lassonde Co-op portal to register for ‘Engineering & EATS: Co-op Information Session’

I missed a Resume and/or Interview Fundamentals workshop, what do I do?

  • Lassonde Co-op will not offer additional workshops.   You can complete the Resume and/or Interview workshops through York University’s Career Education & Development Centre.
  • Resume Workshops coming up on November 23 and December 3, visit their
    Events Calendar for more details.
  • Interview Workshop, only one date is available on December 7, 2020 at 10 am, visit their Events Calendar for more details.

**Once the deadline is closed, your next chance to apply to the program will be in Winter 2021 for a position that starts in Fall 2021.** 

I’m not available/I can’t attend any of the sessions that are currently scheduled. What can I do?

  • There is no substitute or alternative to the Information Session. We offer these sessions during a set period of time each term, and dates are updated on our eligibility site at least 4 months in advance.  If you miss the sessions, your option is to apply the next term and attend the sessions during that time.
  • If you are not able to attend the Resume Fundamentals or Interview Fundamentals workshop(s), you may attend the Resume & Cover Letter workshop and Interview Skills workshop offered by the Career Centre, York University. To register and find out when these are offered, check out: . Ensure that you register as we will be reaching out to them to verify your attendance. Send an email to stating the name of the session and the date you attended.

Students who have applied for Summer 2021 Co-op/Internship Program

All my friends have either received a decline or accept email. I have not received anything and I meet all the requirements and attended the required sessions. What can I do?

  • Students were required to submit an application by a specific deadline. You do this by  logging in to your account on the co-op portal, clicking on “Co-op & Internship” on the navigation pane. Select your degree program and then click“submit”. To check the status of your application, you can log in to the co-op portal and click on “Co-op & Internship” to see the status.
  • If you did not submit an application/missed the deadline, your next eligible time to apply to the program is for the next term (e.g. if you were applying for Summer, you would now only be able to apply in Fall). Check our eligibility website for the registration timelines for each term.

I am an international student, some of my friends received the Co-op Work Permit Support Letter already but I have not. How can I get mine?

  • International students who met all the eligibility requirements and applied by the International Student deadline of October 27, 2020, as well as accepted their admission offer by November 3, 2020 were sent a Support Letter.
  • International students who have missing requirements (e.g. did not attend all the required sessions by October 27, 2020) will be assessed along with the domestic students as early as December 8, 2020. We will strive to prioritize your applications and provide you with a decision prior to January 11. Students who are accepted will be sent an email with specific instructions to follow in order to receive the Co-op Work Permit Support Letter.

Current Co-op/Internship Students

Am I still a full-time student during a work term?

While on a work term you maintain your Active Student status. If you require a verification letter of status, please contact the Lassonde Co-op/Internship team to request a letter.

Visit here for more details on OSAP and Co-op.

Students who were accepted in the co-op/internship program in the past

I was approved to participate in the Co-op/Internship program last year and paid my $200 registration fee. Do I still have to attend the 3 mandatory sessions and apply for the program again?

No. Students who maintain their academic eligibility will be granted access upon logging in to their account and accepting the Summer 2021 terms and conditions. Students who do not maintain their academic eligibility are exited out of the program. 

Students who have secured a co-op/internship for Winter 2021/Summer 2021

I was told I had to be enrolled in co-op courses. How do I enroll/which courses should I enroll in?

Digital Media Students: Please enroll in DATT 3929. If you are unable to enroll, contact 

Engineering, Computer Science & Computer Security: You will be automatically enrolled in your courses the first month you secure your work term. 

Will my courses automatically be dropped or do I have to drop them myself?

Each student is responsible for dropping their own courses before the drop deadline. Please make note of the refund schedule. 

I was able to get a last-minute job offer. How can I convert this into a co-op/internship?

All co-op/internship job offers need to be vetted and approved through the program.

Please send an email to along with: 

  1. A copy of your signed formal job offer 
  2. Contact information of the company who you will be working for such as supervisor, hiring manager or recruiter. 

On a Work Term

I submitted my Supervisor evaluation and Work Term report. Can you verify that it was received?

You can confirm submission of your documents through your Lassonde Co-op/Internship profile:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Under the “Co-op” tab, find your current work term (e.g. “Winter 2019“)
  3. Click the company name and scroll down to the square section on the left that shows co-op requirements.
  4. Each label (e.g. “Work Term details“) is accompanied by a status statement such as pending, approved, no record

Following any of these links will show the corresponding document you have submitted.

Can I take courses during a work term?

The Lassonde Co-op program allows students to take a maximum of one course per term, up to 3 credits, by permission only. The course should not interfere with regular business hours of Monday to Friday8 am to 5 pm.  If you would like to request permission to take one course, please submit the following details to

UPDATE during COVID-19 Pandemic:

Although York University Courses are primarily online for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, students on a work term cannot take courses that are scheduled during regular business hours of Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. This applies to all students regardless of whether you are working from home or working on-site.

  1. Your full name
  2. Student number
  3. Complete course name e.g. “LE/COOP 2100 2.00 Professional Development for Co-op Students”
  4. Catalogue Number e.g. “E05g01”
  5. Course type: on-line, weekends, evenings
  6. Class date and start time

I no longer want to continue in the Lassonde Co-op/Internship program. What do I do?

Co-op is an exciting experience, but our lives are ruled by so many other factors and unexpected things may come up. You have a few options to consider to move forward:

  • You can discuss solutions or alternatives with one of our Coordinators
  • You can contact us and let us know that you are no longer interested in participating in the Co-op/Internships program
  • You can consider other assistance that the university provides free of charge (including counselling services, career advising, academic assistance & tutoring, financial assistance, note-taking services, etc.)

Searching & Securing

Does the job have to be in my field of study?

Your job must meet ALL criteria for a co-op position as outlined by CEWIL. You should pursue any roles for which you can demonstrate your qualifications based on their requirements. However, you must be engaged in related, productive work in order to work in the role. As a Lassonde student, roles may include programming or development positions, designing or field work positions, research roles, to name a few examples (although there are many, many more opportunities in this field).


Software Developer Data Entry
Risk Management Social Media Management
Technical Writer Administrative positions (jobs including administrative duties are acceptable as long as they meet all other criteria)
Linear Infrastructure Intern Sales/Retail/Customer Service
Grid Systems & Optimization Market Research
Telecom Engineering Call Centres

What if I can’t find a job?

If you were expected to find a position for the upcoming work term and were unable to secure one, don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

You aren’t guaranteed a job for your desired work term. Students may be eligible for a deferral if they are unsuccessful with securing a co-op position provided that you can demonstrate that you:

  • Have actively applied to 20% of job postings
  • Maintained communication with the co-op office
  • Actively pursued independent job searches

If approved, your work-term will be deferred to the next available work term.

Does this role qualify as a co-op/internship?

For a role to qualify as a co-op/internship it must be compliant with the conditions outlined by CEWIL. We’ve outlined the conditions in our Searching & Securing guide. For more questions email us or come by during drop-ins.

What is an unofficial transcript and how do I get one?

An unofficial transcript is simply a list of all your completed courses and grades from York University. To obtain an unofficial transcript:

  1. Go to Registrar’s Office
  2. Click on My Courses and Grades
  3. Log in using your Passport York username and password
  4. At the top right, select Printable Version
  5. Right click anywhere on the page and choose Print.
  6. Set your destination to Save as PDF.
  7. Save this document as “Unofficial Transcript_Your First and Last Name” (e.g. Unofficial Transcript_JohnSmith.pdf)

I see the following message on most of the jobs I am interested in applying for. Do I really need to apply to the portal AND the company website?


As the statement indicates, this is a mandatory requirement. By following instructions carefully, you demonstrate your ability to follow instructions properly as a co-op/internship student – a skill that is valued by all employers.

This is often required to verify a students’ enrollment in the co-op/internship program and the Co-op Team could at any time be required to provide this verification. Ensure you are not left out of the applicant list by following the instructions carefully.

The co-op portal asks me to submit a resume and cover letter but the company website just asks me to submit a resume and unofficial transcript. What should I do?

Follow the instructions as stated on each site and submit only the documents being asked for each platform. In this case, submit your resume and cover letter on the co-op portal and submit a resume and unofficial transcript on the company website.

Should I wait until the end of the deadline to apply for a job or should I apply before?

Every employer is different. Some employers can opt to review the applications as they come, and others like to wait until a specific deadline has passed to review all applications at the same time. We recommend that you prioritize the roles you are most interested in and apply for co-op/internship positions well before the expiry date listed on the job posting. Don’t leave it until the last minute, as positions can be filled by the employer before the posting is set to expire. Remember, these co-op opportunities may also be posted at other institutions so you are not only competing with other Lassonde students but also with students from other Canadian universities.

I was approved to participate in the Co-op/Internship program in the past, but now I can’t access the job board?

Most students, when accepted into the program are granted at least 2 terms (academic semester) to search for a position. On the third term, their eligibility is expired and access to the job board is disabled. Check your co-op record sequence to see if it says “eligible work term” or “eligibility expired”.

All students with a label of ‘eligibility expired’ will receive communication within the first month of the work term their eligibility expires (i.e. January for Summer postings, May for Fall, and September for Winter postings). If students meet academic eligibility, then their access will be updated for that term’s postings. Please self assess ( to make sure you meet the eligibility to continue in the program for the desired work term.

International Students

As a non-Canadian, can I still do co-op?

Absolutely! International students are welcome to participate in the Lassonde Co-op/Internship Program. Upon acceptance into the program you must obtain a Co-op Work Permit. It takes approximately 3 – 4 months to receive a decision from the CIC. You cannot access the job board without an approved Co-op Work Permit from the CIC. We’ve outlined your process and resources here but if you have more questions feel free to contact us.

When should I apply for the Co-op Work Permit?

As soon as you have successfully completed all requirements, registered and been accepted into the Lassonde Co-op/Internships program, you should apply for the Co-op Work Permit.

You should also obtain a work-permit letter from the program to submit along with your application. If you need further information and assistance regarding work permits, please contact the Immigration Specialist at York International.

What is the processing time for my Co-op Work Permit?

Government of Canada processing times change daily. You can check their processing times here. Your processing times are obtained by selecting “Temporary Residence” and “work permit extension(new employer)” on the page.

I am applying for the Internship program, do I still need a Co-op Work Permit?

Yes, the same rules and requirements apply. If you need further information and assistance regarding work permits, please contact the Immigration Specialist at York International.

I have an Off-Campus Work Permit, can I use it to apply for co-op or internship positions?

No, students are required to obtain a Co-op Work Permit in order to participate in the Lassonde Co-op/Internships program. If you need further information and assistance regarding work permits, please contact the Immigration Specialist at York International.

I need help with applying for my Co-op Work Permit. Can you help?

For specific instructions including a video on how to apply for the Co-op Work Permit, please visit:   

Please note that the Workplace Learning Coordinators (Co-op Coordinators) are not “authorized representatives” in accordance with the section 91 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, (June 2011) and are therefore unable to advise students on immigration options, help them complete or submit immigration forms, or communicate with CIC on their behalf.  For any immigration matters, please connect with an Immigration Specialist at York International. Visit their website at: 

Students with Disabilities

I am a student with disabilities, what supports are available to me?

The Co-op/Internship team is committed to supporting the employment needs of students with disabilities. If you would like to discuss strategies for success in your co-op experience, contact your Co-op/Internship Coordinator. We would be happy to assist you in discussing your questions or any accommodations you may need.

If you have a learning disability, mental health disability, or physical, sensory or medical disability, we encourage you to register as soon as possible with York University’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS). SAS can help to identify reasonable adjustments in an academic setting and can provide guidance for accommodations in the workplace.

How are students with disabilities assessed when applying to the program?

We strongly recommend students with disabilities register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS)  in order to access the variety of supports available to you. We want as many Lassonde students to be able to have the opportunity to join the co-op program.

Students who are registered with SAS will have their full-time course load  calculated based on York University’s Undergraduates with a permanent disability, which is at least 40% (At least 6 credits in each term).

Get in Touch

How can I connect with a coordinator?

For general co-op/internship questions, contact one of our Workplace Learning Coordinators

📧 |  *Please note that it may take our team up to 2-3 business days to respond to your email. *

If your question isn’t answered on this FAQ page, we encourage you to meet with us during our co-op drop-in hours. For the most up-to-date drop-in schedule, how to prepare for a drop-in session, and upcoming events,  visit the Drop-ins page.

I have been exited out of the co-op/internship program OR I am no longer eligible for the program OR I am graduating. I still want to find relevant work. What can I do?

York University’s Career Centre offers career exploration and job search support to all York University students. We strongly encourage the following:

  • To learn about the variety of supports and services available to students and new graduates (up to 2 years after graduation), visit here
  • Want to chat with someone? Drop by their Career Lounge to chat with a Peer Advisor and get advice
  • Book a Job Search Advising Appointment with a Career Professional to discuss your options of finding work outside of the co-op/internship program
  • Are you having difficulty deciding on a career path? Are you unsure how your degree may relate to your future career? Do you feel challenged moving forward with your career exploration? Book a Career Counselling Appointment with a Career Counselor