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How can I contact Co-op/Internships?

It all depends on your request!

  • General Co-op/Internship queries
  • Co-op – related appointments or in-person sessions

416.736.2100 x 44055

105 Bergeron Centre

  • Non-Co-op/Internship queries within Lassonde
 Ask Lassonde


  • Co-op questions related to:
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Geomatics Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Space Engineering
    • Earth & Atmospheric Science

416.736.2100 x 22913

  • Co-op/Internship questions related to:
    • Computer Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Security
    • Digital Media

416.736.2100 x 44174

When are Co-op drop-in hours?

Check in at the Bergeron Welcome Desk during these times and wait to be called by one of our Coordinators. Please have your questions ready and, where applicable, any documents or resources you may need to provide.

What are the job search services offered to Lassonde Co-op/Internship students?

  • Targeted job postings
  • Interview preparation
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Resume & cover letter feedback sessions
  • Liaising between you and your employers
  • One-on-one drop-in services to answer any questions you may have during your job search process
  • Industry-specific recruitment sessions to help you develop a professional network
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any specific requests

What is the difference between a co-op and an internship?

Co-op Internships
Offered to students in any Engineering program or Earth & Atmospheric Science Offered to students in Computer Science, Computer Security or Digital Media
2 work-terms separated by a study-term 1 work-term
Can use hours toward P.Eng and other designations* and you graduate with a Co-op designation** Can use hours towards P.Eng and other designations* but is not eligible for a co-op designation

*You must meet all other criteria in order to use these hours toward your designations

**In order to graduate with a co-op designation, students must work a minimum of 12 months, up to a maximum of 24 months spread across 2 work periods separated by full-time academic studies.

Who is my Workplace Learning Coordinator?

The Lassonde Co-op/Internships team has 2 coordinators who play a big role in ensuring your Co-op experience runs as smoothly as possible. They act as a liaison between you and your employer, meet with you one-on-one to guide you through the entire process, conduct regular site visits, and develop new co-op opportunities for you to take advantage of

Students with disabilities

The Co-op/Internship team is committed to supporting the employment needs of students with disabilities. If you would like to discuss strategies for success in your co-op experience, contact your Co-op/Internship Coordinator. We would be happy to assist you in discussing your questions or any accommodations you may need.

If you have a learning disability, mental health disability, or physical, sensory or medical disability, we encourage you to register as soon as possible with York University’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS). SAS can help to identify reasonable adjustments in an academic setting and can provide guidance for accommodations in the workplace.

I was recently declined to participate in the Co-op/Internship Program, but I know I meet the requirements, can I find out why?

Attend our Co-op drop-in hours for eligibility re-assessment or to have your questions about your status answered.

I have been exited out of the co-op & internship program OR I am no longer eligible for the co-op & internship program OR I am graduating. I still want to find relevant work, what can I do?

You University’s Career Centre offers career exploration and job search support to all York University students. We strongly encourage the following:

  • To learn about the variety of supports and services available to students and new graduates (up to 2 years after graduation), visit here
  • Want to chat with someone? Drop by their Career Lounge to chat with a Peer Advisor and get advice
  • Book a Job Search Advising Appointment with a Career Professional to discuss your options of finding work outside of the co-op/internship program
  • Are you having difficulty deciding on a career path? Are you unsure how your degree may relate to your future career? Do you feel challenged moving forward with your career exploration? Book a Career Counselling Appointment with a Career Counselor

Prospective Co-op/Internship Students

Am I still a full-time student during a work-term?

While on a work term you maintain your Active Student status. If you require a verification letter of status, please contact the Lassonde Co-op/Internship team to request a letter.

Am I eligible for Co-op or Internship as a part-time student? What about as a graduate student?

Currently, the co-op/internship option is for full-time undergraduate Lassonde or AMPD Digital Media students pursuing their Honours degree.

What programs offer the Co-op option?

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Earth & Atmospheric Science
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Geomatics Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Software Engineering
  8. Space Engineering

From Summer 2020, Computer Science will have a Co-op option as well.

What programs offer the Internship option?

  1. Computer Science
  2. Computer Security
  3. Digital Media

If I find my own Co-op or Internship position, do I still have to pay the co-op fees?

In order to graduate from York University with a Co-op Designation, you must be enrolled in our co-op program.

Co-op fees are like membership dues and give you access to numerous services. These fees are mandatory regardless of how you go about finding a position. See here for more details on finding and securing positions.

Is there a min or max number of work-terms I can do?

Co-op students are required to complete two blocks of work for a minimum of 12 months. The maximum total number of months over both periods is 20 months.

When should I apply?

Consult the registration timelines to determine in which period you would be meeting all the requirements.

Will participating in co-op delay my graduation?

Participating in the co-op/internship program will extend your graduation.

Applied experience outside the classroom is heavily emphasized for engineering and computer science students. Many employers will require new graduates have previous co-op or internship experience as one of their entry-level requirements. Upon graduation, you can expect to compete for recent grad opportunities with graduates who have completed an average of 12 months co-op/internship.

Engineering students wishing to apply for professional engineering license are eligible to receive credit of up to 12 months for engineering experience acquired before graduation toward the required 48 months of work experience for licensing. See for more details.

I missed the mandatory Information Session / Resume Workshop / Interview Workshop, but I want to participate in Summer 2019 Co-op/Internship program

Assess your academic eligibility first. If you meet the academic qualifications, register and attend the Resume & Cover Letter Workshop and Interview Skills workshop offered by the Career Centre, York University.

Ensure that you register as we will be reaching out to them to verify your attendance. Send an email to stating the name of the session and the date you attended.

If you are only missing the Co-op & Internship Information Session, send an email to with your student number.

Current Co-op/Internship Students

Can I change jobs during a work term?

Upon accepting a co-op/internship job offer, students are required to complete each work term as committed to with their employer and the program. Failure to do so will result in a fail grade in the work term course, de-enrollment from the program, and ineligibility for subsequent work terms.

However, the co-op/internship team is here to support you and facilitate any challenges you may be experiencing during your work term.

Be sure to reach out to your coordinator to discuss your concerns.

Can I take courses during a work term?

The Lassonde Co-op program allows students to take a maximum of one course per term, up to 3 credits, by permission only. The course should not interfere with regular business hours of Monday to Friday8 am to 5 pm.  If you would like to request permission to take one course, please submit the following details to

  1. Your full name
  2. Student number
  3. Complete course name
  4. Catalogue Number
  5. Course type (on-line, weekends, evenings)
  6. Class date and start time
A breakdown of information needed about a course and where to find them

Can I work outside of Ontario?

Of course you can! You are welcome to seize any co-op positions that pique your interest provided you continuously meet the following conditions:

  • Maintain your basic co-op requirements for continuation
  • Are eligible to travel (in general and specifically to that country)
  • Obtain all visas and documents prior to travel
  • Have secured a position and verified it with your coordinator
  • Provide your coordinator with an HR contact and (if possible) your supervisor’s contact at least 2 weeks prior to travel
  • Maintain communication with your coordinator throughout

Please note you will be responsible for organizing your own accommodations. We strongly recommend you contact Cultural Vistas to discuss arrangements, legal documents, visas, and insurance requirements (if your company has not already directed you on a procedure)

Does the job have to be in my field of study?

Your job must meet ALL criteria for a co-op position as outlined by CEWIL. You should pursue any roles for which you can demonstrate your qualifications based on their requirements. However, you must be engaged in related, productive work in order to work in the role. As a Lassonde student, roles may include programming or development positions, designing or field work positions, research roles, to name a few examples (although there are many, many more opportunities in this field).

Software Developer Data Entry
Risk Management Social Media Management
Technical Writer Administrative positions (jobs including administrative duties are acceptable as long as they meet all other criteria)
Linear Infrastructure Intern Sales/Retail/Customer Service
Grid Systems & Optimization Market Research
Telecom Engineering Call Centres

I don't want to do co-op anymore. What do I do?

Co-op is a truly wonderful experience, but our lives are ruled by so many other factors and unexpected things may come up. You have a few options to consider in order to move forward:

  • You can discuss solutions or alternatives with one of our Coordinators
  • You can contact us and let us know that you are no longer interested in participating in the Co-op/Internships program
  • You can consider other assistance that the university provides free of charge (including counselling services, career advising, academic assistance & tutoring, financial assistance, note-taking services, etc.)

What if I can't find a job?

If you were expected to find a position for the upcoming work term and were unable to secure on, don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

You aren’t guaranteed a job for your desired work term. Students may be eligible for a deferral if they are unsuccessful with securing a co-op position provided that you can demonstrate that you:

  • Have actively applied to 20% of job postings
  • Maintained communication with the co-op office
  • Actively pursued independent job searches

If approved, your work-term will be deferred to the next available work term.

When can I begin my job search?

Lassonde Co-op/Internships receives and conducts postings year-round. Typically you should begin searching for a position in the 4 months prior to your target work term. You are also welcome to search externally for co-op positions as their timelines may vary.

Who is my supervisor?

Your supervisor is usually the employee who directly oversees your performance and activities in your role. The supervisor is often different from the HR contact within the company and, as such, we require you send us contact information for both employees (name, email, phone) within the first 2 weeks of your work term.

I was recently approved to participate in the Co-op/Internship program in the past, but I cant access the job board.

Every term we re-assess each student has been accepted in the program to ensure they have maintained and meet the eligibility requirements. Students who maintain their eligibility will be granted access to the job board when it opens on January 7, 2019.

If you are an engineering co-op student who was admitted into the program in Winter 2018 for a Summer 2018 co-op, the co-op team will connect with you in late December/early January regarding your options.


Am I eligible for OSAP during a work term?

You are not eligible for OSAP during a work term. Contact the Financial Aid office with any further questions.

Is my OSAP affected if I participate in Co-op?


However, if your work-term is 8 months or longer, you may be eligible to enter interest-free status. You can contact Registrarial Services or apply here.

What are the additional fees for the Co-op/Internship Program?

There is a $200 fee for applying and being in the co-op program. Students must pay an additional fee beginning with the session prior to their first work term and for every subsequent work term thereafter.

During a work term, you only pay the co-op fees, unless you are registered in a course as well.

The co-op fees are set each spring by the Registrar’s Office.

What is the average salary of someone in my field?

Wages differ according to many factors which may include your year of study, your experience, the role for which you are applying, and many others. We calculate salary averages at the end of each fiscal year in order to keep them as up to date as possible.

With all Lassonde Co-op/Internship students as our population, the average salary is approximately $21.00. You can find major-specific salaries here.

When are fees due?

Co-op fees are due at the same time as tuition fees. Check the list of important dates and deadlines to find out when that is. Payments and late fees are handled by Financial Services.

Why do we have to pay additional fees?

The fees allow students to participate in the co-op program and benefit from the services provided by the co-op office (training, workshops, professional resume services, etc.).

This fee also covers registration in co-op work term courses.

International Students

As a non-Canadian, can I still do co-op?

Absolutely! International students are welcome to participate in the Lassonde Co-op/Internship Program. Upon acceptance into the program you must obtain a Co-op Work Permit. It takes approximately 3 – 4 months to receive a decision from the CIC. You cannot access the job board without an approved Co-op Work Permit from the CIC. We’ve outlined your process and resources here but if you have more questions feel free to contact us.

When should I apply for the Co-op Work Permit?

As soon as you have successfully completed all requirements, registered and been accepted into the Lassonde Co-op/Internships program, you should apply for the Co-op Work Permit.

You should also obtain a work-permit letter from the program to submit along with your application. If you need further information and assistance regarding work permits, please contact the Off Campus Work Program Assistant at York International.

What is the processing time for my Co-op Work Permit application?

Government of Canada processing times change daily. You can check their processing times here. Your processing times are obtained by selecting “Temporary Residence” and “work permit extension(new employer)” on the page.

I have received my Co-op Work Permit, what is the next step?

We have outlined all the steps here. Notify your Coordinator once you receive your Co-op Work Permit. Next, you should obtain or extend your SIN as soon as possible and begin applying to positions.

I am applying to the Lassonde Internship program, do I still need a Co-op Work Permit?

Yes, the same rules and requirements apply. Consult our international students’ page for more information on the process. If you need further information and assistance regarding work permits, please contact the Off Campus Work Program Assistant at York International.

I have an Off-Campus work permit, can I use it for to apply for co-op/internship positions?

No, students are required to obtain a Co-op Work Permit in order to participate in the Lassonde Co-op/Internships program. If you need further information and assistance regarding work permits, please contact the Off Campus Work Program Assistant at York International.