Register for Lassonde Co-op/Internship


  • Full-time 2nd year student
  • CGPA 5.0 or higher
  • You will have completed 60 – 90 credits before your first co-op

Course Requirements

Engineering students must have successfully completed the following before their first co-op:

  • ENG 1101
  • ENG 1102
  • ENG 2001
  • 30 or more credits at the 2000 level

Earth & Atmospheric Science students must have successfully completed the following before their first co-op:

  • All core 1000-level courses
  • All core 2000-level courses


  • Full-time 3rd year student
  • Maintain your GPA requirement
  • Have at least 9 remaining credits to complete after your internship

Course Requirements

Computer Science & Security students must successfully complete the following before their internship:

  • EECS 3311
  • 6 or more other EECS credits at the 3000 level
  • Maintain a 6.0 GPA in all MATH and EECS courses

Digital Media students must successfully complete the following before their internship:

  • Maintain a 5.0 CGPA
  • DATT 3700 or DATT 3936
  • EECS 2011

Registration for Computer Science & Security Co-op opens Fall 2019 for positions starting Summer 2020. Consult our timelines to get started!

Computer Science & Computer Security Co-op


  • CGPA 5.0 or higher
  • Full-time enrollment at the time of application
  • Enrolled in Honours Computer Science or Computer Security
  • You will have completed 50 credits toward your current major (1000 & 2000 level)

Course Requirements

Computer Science or Computer Security students must have completed or in progress at least 4 of the following 2000-level EECS courses:

  • EECS 2001
  • EECS 2011
  • EECS 2021
  • EECS 2030
  • EECS 2031

To receive a co-op designation, you must complete a minimum of 12 months (maximum of 20 months) total:

  • 1st block after 2nd year
  • 2nd block after 3rd year

Review these important dates to help you plan when to submit your application to register for the Co-op/ Internship program.

Winter 2019 (January)
September 2018
September 4th, 2018
October 1st, 2018
Summer 2019 (May)
October - November 2018
October 31st, 2018
December 5th, 2018
Fall 2019 (September)
April 2019
May 1st, 2019
June 1st, 2019

Prep for Success

We are committed to helping you prepare for a competitive job-search process. To ensure you are well-informed and prepared to succeed, you need to attend these 3 sessions. Full completion is required for entry into the program.

Information Session

In this session, you will:

  • Eligibility, registration, job-search process, types of employers and opportunities
  • Securing a position, enrolling in the co-op/internship work term courses and fees
  • Expectations during the work term and performance review process

Resume & Cover Letters

Stand out in your applications by applying key strategies

  • Learn employers’ expectations in a co-op/internship resume and cover letter
  • Develop an understanding of how resumes for undergraduate co-op/internships differ from other types of resumes
  • Gain fundamental tips for resume format, content, and do’s and dont’s that specifically target co-op/internship-level positions

Interview Skills

What to expect in co-op/ internship interviews

  • Gain an understanding of how to prepare for interviews
  • Learn how to effectively articulate your skills and accomplishments throughout the recruitment process

To register for the sessions, go to the Events Calendar

Co-op Work Terms

The Co-op program offers an extremely flexible model; students are free to go about their working terms in whatever way they see fit so long as it follows the criteria listed below:

Internship Work Terms

The Internship Program allows students to easily manage working periods and academic periods. The following are the Work Term criteria:

The degree program must not end on a work term
The 1st work term must take place after the 2nd year of study
Co-op students must complete a minimum of 12 months of work (20 months maximum)
Students must go on 2 separate work terms; there must be an academic term between at least two work terms
The degree program must not end on a work term
The 1st work term must take place after the 3rd year of study
Internship students must complete a minimum of 4 months of work (16 months maximum)

The lengths of individual work-terms may vary. Discuss the arrangement of your work and academic terms with your  coordinator before beginning.

We recommend applying for the Co-op Work Permit immediately after your Co-op/Internship registration has been accepted, due to the amount of time it takes the CIC to process and accept their applications. Government of Canada processing times may take several months (3-4). If you would like to request a work-permit letter for your CIC application, please contact the Co-op Assistant 4-5 months before your expected employment date.

*when checking your processing times select Temporary residence, then use the processing times for “Work permit extension (new employer)”

Phase 1:

Meet the requirements for your desired Co-op/Internship stream.

Register and get accepted into the Lassonde Co-op/Internships Program

Phase 2:

Once accepted into the Lassonde Co-op/Internship program, we will provide you with a letter of confirmation.

You must acquire a Co-op Work Permit from Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC).*

Your letter of confirmation must be included in your application.

*The Co-op Work Permit is entirely separate from a Work Permit as well as from the Permission to Work statement on your student visa. You must possess a valid student visa in addition to this

Phase 3:

Upon receipt of your Permit, acquire or extend your Social Insurance Number (SIN) from the nearest Service Canada CentreThe expiry date of your co-op work permit is typically similar to the expiry date of your study permit. You can apply for or extend your co-op work permit at the same time you apply to extend your study permit. If your study permit expires before the end of your first work term, you might need to extend your study permit when you apply for your co-op work permit so both will be valid throughout your work term.

I’ve submitted my application, what’s next?

Your application for Summer 2019 will be reviewed between December 6th and December 21st. You will receive an email notifying you of the decision.

When will I have to pay the $200 registration fee?

The co-op team is assessing all applications for registration in the co-op/internship program during the month of December. Those who are accepted in the program will be sent an acceptance email with instructions on how to accept this offer of admission into the program. The $200 registration fee will be posted to your student account when you accept your offer of admission

I missed the registration deadline for Summer 2019. How can I register?

If you meet the academic requirements, and have completed the 3 required sessions, please send an email to

If you did not complete all 3 required sessions and want to start a co-op/internship in Summer 2019, communication will be sent in early January to all potentially eligible students for next steps. Please stay tuned.