Upgrade Your Education


Begin establishing a network of professionals in your field to get you a foot in the door


Use your experience toward licenses & designations, starting your own business, or both!


Finance your education while gaining meaningful experience


Immerse yourself in a new culture, and become a global citizen


The co-op/internship team works with domestic and international employers to develop meaningful, challenging, and relevant positions for students.

Opportunities are posted on Lassonde's Online Co-op Portal. Students are also encouraged to apply for additional jobs independently.

Work terms are paid, supervised, and evaluated by their employers. Each term, students must complete a work-term report and their supervisors must complete an evaluation.


Available to students enrolled in Engineering or Earth & Atmospheric Science.
Registration for Computer Science & Computer Security Co-op opens Fall 2019 for positions beginning Summer 2020.


Co-op students must complete 2 work periods separated by at least one academic term (first after 2nd year, and the second begins after 3rd year)


The minimum to achieve your co-op designation is 2 work periods totalling 12 months. The maximum total duration  is 20 months.


The duration of a single work period is 4, 8, 12 or 16 months. The duration of a single term is approximately 4 months.


The degree program must not end on a work term.


Available to Computer Science, Computer Security, and Digital Media students.


The first work term must take place after the third year of study


The work period must not be separated by academic terms


The duration of a single work period is 4, 8, 12 or 16 months


The degree program must not end on a work term.


Co-op For Change

Lassonde Co-op for Change furthers the idea of global citizenship by providing international volunteer and employment opportunities for charities and non-profits. Many charitable organizations require technical assistance which Lassondians are in the unique position to provide while helping communities worldwide!

Entrepreneurial Co-op

This option offers students an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of building and running a business in your field. During your work term, you and your mentor work together to plan and design your own business idea and establish yourself and your business moving forward.

International Co-op

Explore global citizenship and immerse yourself in a new culture while gaining work experience in your field.  Expand your career prospects by adding international work experience to your resume.