Hire Tomorrow's Lassondians

On-campus Recruitment

Meet tomorrow’s Lassondians.

Traditional Recruitment

Our “traditional” combines continuity with flexibility.

Industrial Partnerships

Next-level immersive education.

On-Campus Recruitment

We are more committed than ever to building stronger communities, mobilizing new ways of thinking and preparing global citizens.

We provide a simplified process and helpful services to make your recruitment sessions as successful as possible. We work tirelessly to create an environment conducive to establishing partnerships between you and Lassonde as well as for building connections between you and our aspiring engineers and scientists.

  • We organize your room bookings
  • We take charge on your event marketing
  • All services are free
  • Email us with questions & requests


Information Sessions are a networking opportunity for our students to learn about your company or organization, and what employment opportunities and benefits you have to offer.


Workshops allow students to engage you in a discussion and allow you to highlight current projects and the benefits of working with you.

Case Competitions

Students receive case studies to examine. They must identify the most prominent issues facing the company and develop strategies to address these key issues in order to help the company achieve their goals. It is a fantastic way for you to see the skill of of our students and for them to get a feel for your company.

Job Fairs

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Networking Events

Up next: Coming soon!

What is involved in an info-session?

Location Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence
Catering Optional; most employers offer pizza
Cost Free
Promotion The Lassonde Co-op team manages promotion and event registration, including online calendar, social media (Twitter & Facebook), E-blasts, and posters in various LCD screens

Open Session

Open to all Lassonde students in Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Computer) as well as Computer Science and Computer Security. Alternatively, we can host a session for specific students, such as Civil and Mechanical only.

What would make your session stand out?

Bring a diverse team of representatives. For example, a current or former co-op student, a new grad, and a mid-level engineer. An opportunity for students to present their own projects or portfolios. Student are always excited about interactive ways to connect with industry.

Experiential opportunities infused with a Lassondian twist

Traditional Recruitment

We’ve designed a unique approach that combines the continuity of a traditional internship program with the flexibility of a co-op program. We offer continuous recruitment rather than just using a rank and match system, giving you the flexibility to post, interview, and hire students throughout each term on a first-come first-served basis.


Recruit not only at the entry level, but at the second tier of employment. Our students will be qualified for specialist or mid-level management positions in a few years.


Build a brand reputation and mindshare as a progressive employer.


Finance your projects and students with a variety of funding programs and tax credits.


This program is offered to students in all engineering programs as well as Computer Science, Computer Security, Digital Media, Earth & Atmospheric Science.

Students will be guaranteed at least one work term with you; one at the end of their 2nd year (4 months) or before their 4th year (12 or 16 months).

Students may apply using our job posting database or externally. You can send us your job openings and we can maintain the postings, organize interviews, and facilitate communication on your behalf. Alternatively, you may conduct it all independently.

The next level of experiential education

Industry Partnership

The world of work is changing fast and we have to adapt. The Industry Partnership stream champions a different kind of education model and is a direct response to the skills revolution driven by emerging technology.


Successful students in the program are more likely to accept employment offers from your company after graduation.


Students will graduate with 4500+ hours of work experience and 4000+ hours of study, enabling you to retain them in mid-level positions.


You provide hands-on learning making students more engaged and interested in the work experience.


Available exclusively to Honours Computer Science B.Sc students, they will explore their passion and build expertise as they complete their degree.

You would deliver up to 24 credits of a students’ education through experiential learning at your offices. Additionally, students would complete all courses required by the existing Hons. B.Sc. at York University.

The Industry Partner pays the students’ salary and may choose to subsidize tuition. Both the salary component and covering tuition would attract top students into the program.