Funding opportunities

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**Note: funding supports available can change throughout the year. Please connect with our team for any questions**

Career Focus Green Jobsup to $70 000 in wage subsidiesvariesongoingBusinesses in the Biotech sector that have a green mandate and are hiring a co-op student for a role with an environmental focus. This organization offers funding opportunities for both co-op students and new graduates.
Clean Tech Internship Program70% of an intern's salary up to $15 000via websiteongoingCanadian companies in the clean tech industry hiring interns for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields. Interns must be no more than 30 years of age at the start of the internship and work for 6 – 12 months. The internship must be related to climate change or environmental challenges.
Natural Resources Internship50% of an intern's salary up to $15 000via websiteongoingCanadian companies in the natural resource sectors hiring interns for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields. Interns must be no more than 30 years of age at the start of the internship and work for 6 – 12 months. The internship must be related to processes with positive environmental outcomes or protecting the environment.
Sustainable Development Technology Canadaup to 33% of eligible costsapplication formsongoingCanadian small and medium size enterprises advancing innovative technologies that are pre-commercial and have the potential to demonstrate significant and quantifiable environmental and economic benefits in one or more of the following areas: climate change, clean air, clean water, and clean soil.
AlbertaAlberta Innovative Health Solutionsvaries by programvia websitevariesBusinesses in BC that run programs that support health research and innovation activities.
STEP$7 per hour up to 30 hours per weekvia websitetypically early FebruarySmall businesses in Alberta (under 50 employees) hiring post-secondary students who reside and/or attend school in Alberta. The position must be full-time, 4 – 16 weeks long, and fall between May 1st and August 31st
New BrunswickSEEDup to 50% for private sector and 100% for non-profit wage subsidyvia websiteongoingEmployers in New Brunswick who are hiring students enrolled full-time in a post-secondary institution. Students must be residents of New Brunswick and work for a maximum of 14 weeks between April 30 and the Friday after Labour Day each year.
NewfoundlandStudent Summer Employment Program$5.60 per hour for private sector, and 100% of minimum wage subsidy plus 15% employment-related cost offset for non-profitsvia websitetypically early MayEmployers with an established operation in Newfoundland and Labrador. Employers must hire students for 5 - 12 weeks and must work 25 - 40 hours/week
Nova ScotiaEnergy Training Program for Studentsup to 50% of student's wages for a 12 - 17 week work termapplication formstypically late FebruaryBusiness in Nova Scotia with a direct connection to the energy sector who are hiring students who have started work by May 21st and can work until Aug 24th
Research & Development Tax Credit15% of research expendituresFederal credit claim on T661 and Nova Scotia credit claimed on schedule 340 of Nova Scotia T2 formtax seasonCorporations in Nova Scotia that incur qualified scientific research and development expenditures made in Nova Scotia
Student Summer Skills Incentive Programvaries based on industryapplication formstypically late JanuaryNon-profit organizations that hire post-secondary students who are either residents of Nova Scotia or have resided in the province for at least 6 months before their work term. Students must work between April 23 and August 31 each year
QuebecTax Credit for OJT24 - 30% credit for eligible expensesapplication formstax seasonCorporations in Quebec that incurred expenses by hiring a qualified student trainee as part of a qualified training period. The assignment period must be completed in Quebec and the student must be enrolled full time at a recognized educational institution.
ETS Tax Creditsup to $144/wk co-op student, $192/wk for co-o pstudent with immigrant status, $240/wk for co-op student with handicapped person statusapplication formsEnd of work term (send original forms to the Ministere du Revenue)Employers at corporationg located in Quebec hiring students who are enrolled in a full-time post-secondary programo that includes at least 140 hours of co-op employment
YukonYukon Research and Development Tax Credit15 or 20% credit for eligible expenditurescomplete SCH 442 form and file with T2 corporate income tax returntax seasonAny corporation that has maintained a permanent establishment in the Yukon at any time during the taxation year for which the credit is being claimed. Eligible expenditures are those incurred during research and development in the field of science or technology.
Achieving Innovation & Manufacturing Excellence Global Initiativeup to $50 000via websiteongoingHave between 10-1000 employees in southern Ontario;
Have been continuously in business for at least three years (3 years);
Must be able to demonstrate a solid financial footing over the three year period;
Manufacturing facility or facilities in Southern Ontario (see map);
Manufacture a specific product for sale in Ontario or elsewhere
Eastern Ontario Development Fund15 - 50% of eligible project costs up to $1.5 millionby contactongoingBusinesses that support economic development in Eastern Ontario. This includes job creation, innovation, and the ability to attract private sector investment.
Eco-Canada Wage Subsidy Programup to 50% of a new employee's wagevia websiteongoingEmployers who work in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or natural resources are are looking to hire new full-time environmental jobs. This program may be used to fund multiple new positions.
Jobs & Prosperity Fundvariesby contactongoingBusinesses that need funding for projects that will enhance productivity and help them to compete in the global marketplace. There are four streams: New Economy, Food and Beverage, Strategic Partnerships, and Forestry Growth.
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation50 - 75% of eligible expensesvia websitetypically end of MarchBusinesses in Northern Ontario who fall under one of the programs available through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation: Northern Business Opportunity Fund, Northern Innovation Program, Strategic Economic Infrastructure Program, Northern Community Capacity Building Program, Northern Event Partnership Program, or the Northern Ontario Internship Program.
NOHFCvariesvia websitevariesVaries depending on the type of business and service you provide.
NRC - IRAPvariesby contactongoingSMEs in Canada with the objective to grow and generate profits through technology innovation projects and youth employment strategy programs.
OCE Smart Seed Fundup to $60 000by applicationtypically early MayEntrepreneurs who are founding Ontario-based start-ups
OCE Voucher Programs50% of eligible expensesby contactongoingBusinesses who want to hire students from Ontario post-secondary institutions to address industry challenges and improve productivity, performance, and competitiveness. There are three different voucher programs that business can apply to that are geared toward the development of innovative products, processes, and services.
Smart Program: Advanced Technologies for Global Growth35% of funding up to $100 000 per projectapplicationongoingEligible small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses in Southern Ontario that are engaged in international markets (ie: companies that export, are going to export, or are selling in a value chain leading to export). The project must demonstrate a focus on adapting or adopting advanced technologies.
Smart Program: Operation Assessment Funding for Northern Ontario Manufacturers50% of eligible costs up to $15 000by contactongoingManufacturers based in Northern Ontario with fewer than 500 employees who are interested in receiving operational assessments in order to expand their business. These assessments can include: productivity, waste reduction, lean manufacturing, management systems, market analysis, process flow, and quality certification.
Southwestern Ontario Development Fund15 - 50% of eligible costs up to $1.5 millionby contactongoingBusinesses that support economic development in Southwestern Ontario. This includes job creation innovation, and the ability to attract private sector investment.
Student Work-Integrated Learning Program (SWILP)up to 50% of wage cost up to $5000 per placement and 70% up to $7000 for under-represented students including first-years, women in STEM, Indigenous students, persons with disabilities and newcomersby contactongoingEmployers who partner with local post-secondary institutions that are delivering programs in the fields of STEM and business to provide work placements for these students
Canada Summer Jobs50% coverage, non-profit organizations 100%by contactJannuary 25, 2019If you are a non-profit, public, or private sector employer who is hiring a post-secondary student during the summer for 6 - 16 weeks
Summer Experience Programup to $3658by contacttypically early MarchNon-for-profit organizations, municipalities, Indigenous organizations, and First Nation communities who want to create meaningful summer employment opportunities for students. Jobs must be support either: the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the Ministry of the Status of Women, or the Ministry of Seniors Affairs.
Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Creditup to $3000Claim on Schedule 550 of your T2 corporation income tax return. Unincorporated businesses claim on Form ON479 in their personal tax seasonAny ontario non-government employer hiring from a post-secondary co-op program
Ontario Innovation Tax Credit8 - 10% refundable credit up to $300,000/yrClaim on Schedule 556 and file with T2 corporation income tax seasonCorporations in Ontario that carry out scientific research and experimental development can claim qualified expenditures, including expenses related to a co-op student.
OMDC Tax Credit18 - 40% for eligible expendituresapplicationtax season Ontario’s cultural entrepreneurs from the book and magazine publishing, film and television production, sound recording, and interactive digital media content production industries who want to grow their businesses
Scientific Research and Experimental Development15 - 35% for eligible expendituresClaim on Schedule 508 and file with T2 corporation income tax seasonCanadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors who complete research and development in Canada. This includes basic research, applied research, and experiential development.