Hire Lassonde

“We were exceptionally impressed with the quality of co-op talent from the Lassonde
School of Engineering.”

Jason Young, Founder & President, Advantage Forensics Inc.

“During her work term, [my student] has demonstrated strong leadership, perseverance, creativity and professionalism in her work. Her critical thinking and analytical skills allow her to showcase innovative solutions to the important work we do.”

Kevin Bourque, Senior Engineer, Innovation and Energy Technology Sector, Natural Resources Canada

“When given a specific task [my student] understands quickly the context and chooses the best approach independently, coming up with solutions that frequently go beyond the immediate necessities and expectations.”

Andreas Mattheiss, Ansaldo Energia

“His contributions have proven him to be a critical member of this team.In this area, [my student] has exceeded our expectations as he has shown the confidence to bring forth his ideas and approaches and is most definitely not a passive onlooker. ”

Steve Donoghue, Manager, IBM Data and AI Hub

“With his understanding of the product he has become the quickest student in the 12 years of our co-op program to receive his Quality Assurance stamp to work independently. He told me he wanted that to happen and it did. ”

Marty McKenzie, Quality Assurance Supervisor, S&C Electric Canada

Connect with top student talent through our simple and flexible co-op program

2nd year and 3rd year students are available year round for durations of 4, 8, 12, or 16 months beginning in Winter, Summer or Fall.


Hire Computer Science & Engineering students from a variety of expertly crafted programs, many of which are unique in the province.


Recruit on a continuous timeline rather than using a rank & match system, giving you the flexibility to post, interview, and hire students throughout each term.


Email us your postings or submit online. We facilitate interview and job offer coordination.

Employer of the Year

We recognize employers who have provided our students with exceptional learning opportunities and are actively engaged with Lassonde.

Students of the Year

We recognize students who have gone above and beyond to contribute to their workplace through active learning, application of knowledge, and passion for the role.


Space Engineering

Geomatics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Earth & Atmospheric Science

Digital Media

Computer Science

Software Engineering

Computer Security

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Recruitment Timelines:

We offer continuous recruitment year-round.

Summer (May - August)

Job posting submissions begin as early as 2nd week of January until April.
The peak recruitment period (interviews and offers) runs from January to March.

Fall (September - December)

Job posting submissions begin as early as 2nd week of May until August.
The peak recruitment period (interviews and offers) runs from May to July.

Winter (January - April)

Job posting submissions begin as early as 2nd week of September until December.
The peak recruitment period (interviews and offers) runs from September to November.

3 Steps to Hire:

01. Submit

simply email your postings to lsecoop@lassonde.yorku.ca. We facilitate the data entry of your job postings, and an application bundle will be emailed to you upon posting closing.

Alternatively, create an account in our Lassonde Co-op Portal to submit & manage your postings.

02. Interview

Contact us to coordinate your interviews, including room bookings for in-person, telephone, or video interviews.

03. Offer

Send us your job offer and we’ll coordinate the process.